Services and Fees :
One call gets it done. You'll be amazed at the results.

Call now 307-259-6465
in business for more than 25 years.
tremendous amount of private records documenting centuries of data in our vast archives library.
easy case placement simply
email us your subject's name and last known verified address.
fast results, on individual cases results generally returned within 24 working hours.
client confidentiality guaranteed, your information will never be re-sold.
Datatrac Search and Locate Company
Heirship research and Skip tracing exclusive to the Oil & Gas Industry
Let's face it. Everyone likes to play a little Dick Tracy now and then. There's even
a small measure of success with paid Internet databases ... but
nobody has
access to the information we own, built over the last 25 years. We are able to go
right back to Patent records when land was first granted, to determine Heirship
quickly, or reconstruct family genealogy to develop other potential Heirs and

Results are returned as they become available. In the case of individual locates,
that means usually within a few hours via an informal email which is then
followed up with a hard copy of the report along with any supporting
documentation via USPS Priority Mail to your office.

Why waste your valuable time following weak leads, spending money on
unproductive database searches when our expert service is at your beck and call?
Free up your Landmen, Brokers, agents and other staff. Our service is speedy,
discreet and reliable.
Get an edge over your competition. You'll leave them
scratching their heads wondering how you found those mineral owners or their
Heirs or Beneficiaries so quickly.

For regular individual locates, the fee  is $500.00 plus a flat $25 charge to cover
all usual and customary expenses.
If we cannot find the person, their Next of Kin
of Heirs / Beneficiaries, Devisees or their Executors
, there is no fee.

For exceptionally difficult cases or large assignments such as multi-party
Heirship searches and Class Action suits: Day Rate billed at $500 with a
minimum of one day plus usual and customary expenses.
Coupled with
exceptional service, reports indicating the status of the Estate (i.e., the owner
having died Intestate, Testate, Probate status if applicable and Devisee,
Executor, or Administrator contact information) we are quite sure you will agree
our services are invaluable. Please see our
sample reports
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