Business Background and Current Projects :
Carla Edwards; BBA; P.Mgr; Lead Examiner

  • Trace Department manager for the Country's largest Collection Agency.

  • Owner of Datatrac since 1984 with several hundred clients, having
    performed locates for Private Investigators, Bail bondsmen,
    Collection companies, Adoptee / Birth parent reunions and more.
    As one of America's top skip tracers, Carla has worked closely
    with many Federal Agencies. She has been featured on television
    several times and many of her locates on individuals as wanted
    felons made National Headlines.

  • Clients include members of NALI, AAPL, MAPL, WAPL, ETAPL,
    HAPL, and other professional associations.

P. Scott Edwards: BBA, RPL

  • Registered Professional Landman with over 30 years experience
    in mineral leasing practices, curative work and title examination.

  • Knowledge of transfer of mineral title, wills, estate probate proceedings, and in cases of owners dying intestate, the laws of  
    descent and distribution and proper determination of rightful

Current and completed Projects:

  • Heirship research on a continuing basis for complex chains of title on behalf of clients in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Texas,
    Louisiana and other states. We are not bound by geography!

  • Large assignment to locate hundreds of deceased mineral
    owner's heirs for a Daniels County Montana project.

  • New discovery in Weld County Colorado and under the Niobrara
    in Wyoming means priority locates on Heirs / Devisees.

  • Working to locate Mineral owners & their Heirs for North Dakota
    Bakken Shale and Wyoming Oil and Gas properties for horizontal
    drilling projects.

  • Montebello California Heirship research and locates on about a
    hundred Mineral   Rights owners for a large project here
    pertaining to the  underground storage facilities.

  • Locating 900 Unpaid Royalty Owners, their Heirs and
    Beneficiaries under the lawsuit Garrison Tawney vs Columbia
    Natural Resources in West Virgina, a class action suit with $380M
    in disbursements.
Datatrac Search and Locate Company
Heirship research and Skip tracing exclusive to the Oil & Gas Industry