As you can see, we are able to serve as combination legal assistants and investigators to provide you with the
information you require to make a determination on payouts, settlements to beneficiaries or clarification on title

Our service is second to none.

If you find yourself saying "
yes, that's exactly what we need!" please call to inquire for a single case ($ 500.00 no hit,
no fee plus a flat rate expense fee of $ 25 per locate)
 or bulk assignment for minimum 20 locates on a Per Diem
($500.00 per 8 hour day, pro-rated, plus usual and customary expenses)
Sample Reports :
Datatrac Search and Locate Company
Heirship research and Skip tracing exclusive to the Oil & Gas Industry
Trained professionals provide you with vital information usually required
by Courts, or tailored to your firm's particular needs
We attempt to make a determination of the Status of the subject;
either alive, with current confirmed contact information,
or Deceased with
Estate Status and Executor / Administrator or Devisee contact information.

To start a case, we require the subject's name, last known address and
date the address was valid. Other, helpful information would be the county
and state of the Minerals in question, "paraphrasing" of the title into the
subject, degree of urgency and a general idea of the value of the lease offer.
and closed file # 80-1111 Smith County Circuit Court. The Executor is Mr.
Ernest J Smith, son of the subject, current address of 123 East Main Street,
Anytown USA 12345 telephone 555-555-1212.

RE: James V. Jones current address 101 Regulation St., Davenport MD
56723 telephone 555-210-8585

RE: Emily J. Brown Deceased 20 Dec 2005; Died Intestate; Administratrix is
her niece Mrs. Mary Joe Brown, 567 A Street North, Jonesville ME 02130
telephone 555-111-3131
Here are some sample Reports: