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When you really need to find someone...fast!

Exclusive to the Oil and Gas Industry to locate Royalty owners, Mineral
Owners, or their Devisee-Heirs and Beneficiaries from patent date
forward, or clear out stagnant suspense accounts. Your solution to:
Moved, Left No Forwarding Address
Undeliverable Mail
Whereabouts Unknown
Subject Deceased
Transient Heirs
Unsatisfactory paid database results
No Hit - No Fee for individual cases: $500 plus a flat $25 per case for misc expenses
- or -
Day Rate: available for particularly difficult cases, bulk assignments and Class Action suits
$ 500.00 per diem plus all usual and customary expenses, one day minimum.
Datatrac Search and Locate Company
Heirship research and Skip tracing exclusive to the Oil & Gas Industry
Brokers and Land Managers:
If your landmen are using common Internet search databases, wasting their time and
racking up expenses to try and locate Heirs of a Mineral Owner you may not be utilizing
them to their best ability. Datatrac results are fast and there is no fee unless we are able to
locate the person you need to secure that mineral lease or purchase...
all for about the
same cost to you as single day rate contractor payment
with guaranteed results,
usually within 24 working hours.

Title Attorneys:
Don't wait until you are forced into a Receivership or Escheat situaton, leaving your
company vulnerable to a lawsuit. Datatrac's proven search results can lock in those heirs at
an affordable cost.
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